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Automotive Window Tinting for Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula


Having window tint professionally installed on your vehicle is a very worthwhile long-term investment for numerous reasons. It can provide a safer and more comfortable drive by, reducing glare, reducing damaging effects from UV Rays such as sunburn and it allows more consistent temperature control. When you want the best tint on your car, Rays On Tinting are here to provide! We offer a high-quality and affordable product, as well as an excellent approach to customer service.


A quality tint using superior products

Rays On Tinting believes in offering only the best in automotive window film products, and we only use the best and most trusted suppliers, so you can be assured you’re getting a quality product.


A lot of companies offer entry level films at low prices as a strategy to catch your attention and make you believe you’re getting a great deal and to upsell you to more expensive films. For this reason, we offer only one type of darkest legal film, a top of the line metalized film that offers the highest in heat and glare block out and looks amazing.


We also have a non-metalized version of this film for vehicles with antennas in some of the windows thus ensuring no interference and universal look on your vehicle. The reason we do this is to save you confusion on film choices and to guarantee you get a quality product at the price you were originally quoted.


The Dangers of Inferior Products


Everyone has either seen or heard of the window films that fade, bubble, crack or peel. There are many reasons for this such as poor installation, the film has been mistreated or cleaned with chemicals such as Windex. By far the biggest cause of this though is cheap products made in Thailand, China and rarely America. The key is to buy a trusted brand that has been around for a long time. At Rays On Tinting we only use Solargard-Saint Gobain window films as we believe they are far superior to anything else on the market today. Most window tints that peel, crack, bubble and fade are all dyed films which have little to no heat and UV rejection capabilities. Solargard-Saint Gobain are industry leaders in metalized and carbon-based films innovating sputtered technology to get a beautiful finished product that won’t peel, crack bubble or fade.

Rays On Tinting receives no kickbacks from selling only Solargard-Saint Gobain and is not contracted to only use these products. We purely believe they are the best. All our Automotive films have lifetime warranties which are covered Australia wide and backed by Solargard-Saint Gobain.


From Rosebud to Frankston and the rest of Mornington

Rays On Tinting is located in Hastings. All automotive window tinting is carried out at our shop. The reason for this is so we can guarantee the best finish possible in a dust free environment. We do not offer any onsite automotive window tinting as the quality is just not as good and we always strive to get the best results for you, our customers. We also offer after hours car tinting at no additional cost by appointment only. As well as car tinting, we can also offer home and office tinting.