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Worried about the longevity and reliability of the film and the warranties offered? Rays On Tinting has it covered for your peace of mind. As we offer genuine manufacturer backed warranties we can guarantee there will never be any dramas. Your warranty is covered by any business that is a Solargard approved dealer with literally 1000’s of dealers Australia wide you can sleep easy, knowing that your film is covered wherever you are.


With using Rays On Tinting for the installation of your Solargard film there is no risk what so ever of the no paperwork no warranty issues that can arise with other companies. We only ever email out our warranty paperwork so it’s easy for you to save a copy to your computer. Not only do we do this but Rays On Tinting keeps a copy of your warranty paperwork. In the unlikely event a problem should arise with your film and you have misplaced your warranty just call us and we can look up your warranty and start getting the issue sorted instantly.


Many other companies either hand you a written warranty on paper or you have to get online and register it yourself. If you don’t do this or you lose the paper you don’t have a warranty. Rays On Tinting strongly believes in their products and workmanship which is why we offer the best warranty around and you don’t have to do anything yourself.