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Home Window Tinting Across the Mornington Peninsula and Frankston

Rays On Tinting specialises in the installation of architectural films and offers a range of quality products for applications such as Privacy, Heat and Glare block out, Summer and Winter films, Frosts and Decorative. All our architectural films come with real manufacturer backed guarantees and all stop 99.9% of damaging UV Rays.


Home window tinting has been around for some time now but still very few people know about it. Over the past 10 years home window tinting has come leaps and bounds. Far gone are the days of blackening out the windows in the attempt to keep your house cool. You can now stop up to 85% of heat and glare without losing all the natural light. There are even films now designed to be dual purpose allowing heat retention in winter and heat rejection in Summer.


Benefits of residential tinting


Home window tinting offers a range of benefits such as reduced temperature variations from hot to cold. It can also provide privacy from passers-by and can prevent fading of carpets and floor boards. Window tinting on homes relieves the strain on air conditioners and heaters reducing energy costs and making living conditions more comfortable.


Common Misconceptions of window tinting

Window tint will make my house dark:


This is not necessarily true there are some films available that will darken your house dramatically. However there are films on the market today that stop large amounts of heat and glare and won’t darken your home. The key is to realise that there is a difference between light and glare and that you can take away the annoying glare and maintain natural light.


Double glazing will break if tinted:


This is something we hear very often, and yes double glazing can break if you install window film on it but only if you install a film that is not safe for double glazing. At Rays On Tinting when it comes to double glazed windows we only ever use guaranteed safe films. Most inexperienced window film installers and salesman can’t tell the difference between types of glass in double glazing and just put what they like on it and hope for the best. At Rays On Tinting we can recognise types of glass by the stamp on it and if the window is unstamped which is extremely common we test the glass with our laser guided tools for your peace of mind.


Rays On Tinting is highly experienced in home, office and car window tinting for peace of mind and guaranteed safe work with real warranties contact us today for a free quote.




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“Peter was very punctual and efficient a very likeable young man and took all precautions in protecting floor and furniture. Would definitely recommend his services the windows look great.” Audrey.


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