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What is Privacy Glass?

Privacy glass is a new type of glass commonly fitted to top of the line models of vehicles in the rear section only including rear doors onwards. The reason this is done is to increase the privacy in the storage area of the vehicle.



Does Privacy glass offer any UV protection or heat and glare blockout?

Privacy glass does not offer any UV protection but it does offer a small amount of heat and glare reduction about 0 – 15% usually. However there are films that are able to be applied to privacy glass to increase the heat and glare percentages and take away the negative properties of the glass.


These are clear and will not darken the glass more than it already is. 



What do I use to clean my windows once they are tinted?

Window Tint is most commonly fitted to the inside of the glass. Cleaning of the outside of the windows is done exactly how you would have done it before with the exception of using high pressure cleaners. When it comes to cleaning the tint itself do not use Windex or any product that contains ammonia.


Ammonia causes the film to delaminate and lose its colour becoming murky and chalky. Rays On Tinting recommends using a furniture polish such as Mr Sheen. Using such a product will clean any sticky marks and fingerprints off as well as giving the film a stronger scratch resistance and leaving it completely streak free. Just remember to use furniture polish sparingly.



My tint looks streaky and patchy after installation?

Window film has its own adhesive. This adhesive is activated by water meaning a chemical reaction is taking place to make the adhesive sticky. Due to this chemical reaction occurring window film does have a drying out period. In this period the film will appear streaky and patchy and in some cases look like it’s full of rain drops. This will last between 1 and 3 weeks in Winter and 4 to 10 days in Summer. This is normal for all window tinting. In this drying out period we suggest avoid cleaning the windows inside and out.



Will my tint bubble and peel?

After the drying out period your tint will not peel bubble or fade in the warranted time frame. Peeling, bubbling or fading are all signs that an inferior product or cleaning chemicals have been used. Peeling or fading from the use of incorrect cleaning methods or chemicals is not warranted.



What warranties do you offer?

Rays On Tinting offers manufacturer backed warranties up to a lifetime pending on your film choice for more information please see our warranties page.



Do you offer mobile car tinting?

Rays On Tinting does not offer mobile car tinting as we believe the quality is just not there due to dust, dirt and unforeseen circumstances. As we want our customers to get the best possible job they can we only tint cars in our factory in Hastings.



My tint has a few little imperfections?

Window film is an aftermarket product and due to this there can be the odd imperfection in your film whether it be from adhesive peaks or dust and dirt. Rays On Tinting takes every precaution possible to get the best result on your film installation. We always perform our tint installation to the WFAANZ (Window Film Association of Australia & New Zealand) guidelines. So you can be assured you’re getting a quality product with quality installation.



What is legal on my car?

In Victoria the legal requirement for all vehicles that aren’t registered as commercial vehicles is: all windows on the vehicle must allow 35% of natural light transmittance with a 5% variance for types of glass. There is an exemption for vehicles with privacy glass on the rear section as it is darker than 35%.


These vehicles front windows must still transmit 35% of natural light with 5% variance. So matching privacy glass is deemed Illegal and will void insurance and make the vehicle unroadworthy. Commercial vehicles can have darker films fitted to the rear section of the vehicle for privacy though the front windows must still transmit 35% of natural light with the same 5% variance. All automotive reflective and coloured films are illegal as they are a distraction to drivers and can be extremely dark.



Can you remove old tint without damaging glass or demisters?

Old tint can be removed from glass without damaging the glass. Removing the old tint is a time consuming process. However removing the tint from windows on vehicles that have demisters is extremely tricky. 90% of the time it comes off without damaging the demisters but every now and then it will take the demisters with it.


Rays On Tinting takes every precaution in the safe removal of film with special techniques to increase the chances of safe removal. Saying this more often than not the tint glue is stronger than the demisters therefore Rays On Tinting will not be liable for any damage caused by the removal of film from demisters as over time the demister lines do weaken from continued exposure to the sun.