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The Window Tinting Business Bittern Can Trust

We’re a 100% Victorian owned and operated window tinting business based in Hastings, and provide services across the Mornington Peninsula, from Clyde to Somerville & Bittern, all the way to Portsea. Our team brings over a decade of combined experience to every job we do, and we have earned a reputation for our honesty, trustworthiness and the high standards we hold ourselves to on the job.

By installing high quality window film, Rays On Tinting can help you reduce your energy bills by keeping the heat out (or in!), and protect your privacy, as well as reducing glare and UV radiation.

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Protect your home and belongings with tinted windows

We all know the Australian sun doesn’t joke around, but it’s not just your skin that can be damaged if it’s not properly protected. UV rays from the sun are the single biggest cause of fading and damage to window frames, couches, floorboards, carpets and other expensive household items.

Rays On Tinting uses the best window films available on the market, which can cut 99.9% of the UV rays entering your property in Bittern, and have an SPF rating of 285+. That’s over five times the strength of SPF 50 sunscreen. However, unlike sunscreen, you won’t have to reapply because our window tinting products are the best on the market and all come with a manufacturer backed warranty.


We offer tinting for cars, offices, homes and more! Contact us today

Window tinting is an investment that should last a lifetime. That’s why we’re passionate about discussing our clients’ requirements closely before deciding on the best window film or treatment to meet their needs. Through years of dedication to our keyword craft, we’ve developed a reputation of reliability, expertise, and efficiency.

When you choose Rays On Tinting for your window film and installation service in Bitten, you know you’ll be dealing with passionate local experts who will complete the job efficiently, affordably, and with precision.

To learn more about what we can do for you, get a free quote on any of our services, or to discuss your options, feel free to call us today on 0410 697 087. Our friendly team are always up for a chat.