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How professionals measure window tinting

08:00 AM

For DIYers, choosing to avoid expert services in window tinting typically means you're missing out on some of the technical aspects that come with preparing the overall product for installation. Whether it's for your car or property, applying a tint starts with effectively measuring the amount of light that passes through the window itself.


In this post, we're outlining exactly how professional measuring works and why it's so important.


Using tint meters


When visible light passes through your window, this is known as visible light transmission (VLT). Window tint percentages are calculated off the VLT. For example, a 5 per cent VLT means the glass only let's around 5 per cent of visible light pass through. An 80 per cent VLT means 80 per cent of visible light gets through the glass. Overall, tints range from 0 per cent through to 100, and the lower the reading, the lower the amount of light that enters through the glass.


How they work


Specifically made tint meters are designed to shine a beam of light of around 550 nanometres through the window and to the optical sensor. When the beam is intercepted by the glass, the instrument measures how much light passes through. A VLT reading is then delivered to the user.


These meters use magnetic probes to measure side, front and rear VLTs as well. This gives professionals a thorough insight into the entire surface that needs to be measured and tinted. As a DIYer, you're not equipped with this data, so understanding the effectiveness of your tint may not be as accurate.



After your tint is completed


The meter may also be used to calculate the end-result VLT after the window has gone through the work required. But beyond professionals using these devices, the police also make use of them to assess whether a vehicle is carrying an illegal shade or not. Currently, the safe and legal amount of tinting in Australia sits at 30-35 per cent VLT, but this may depend on your state's individual laws.


Why get it professionally done?


It may be tempting to save a few dollars and opt for a DIY kit, but enlisting the help of experts in the trade (like us) will ensure you're not accidentally creating any hiccups for yourself. There's a lot of regulations in place around tinting, some trickier to understand than others. Professionals who have worked in the field understand the legalities around this service, and how to ensure absolute driver safety at the same time.


Beyond this, choosing to use an expert means you're guaranteed a quality result, rather than dealing with mistakes that may be costly to fix up.


If you're not sure whether this solution is for you, we encourage you to get in touch with the Rays On team now by calling 0410 697 087. We're always more than happy to answer any questions you may have around this type of service and our ability to meet your needs.