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The Many Reasons Not To Climb Through a Broken Window

09:00 AM

On some occasion or the other, the opportunity may have arisen for you to climb through a broken window. This could be because you forgot your keys inside your home and couldn't open your door from the outside, so you decided to break your own window to get into your house.


It could also be that you suspected someone of having broken into your house and wanted to surprise them by being home.

Whatever your reason might be, you should never think about climbing through a broken window. For starters, it is a reckless, irresponsible thing even to consider.

Here are a few of the many reasons not to climb through a broken window.

You Could Get Seriously Injured or Even Die!

Climbing through a broken window is no joke. You might think that this isn't going to be too difficult for you to do, but in truth, the dangers that this act poses are numerous and life-threatening.


Even if you're really careful, it's still possible to hit yourself against some piece of the broken glass and get seriously injured.

The news has time and again reported cases of people injuring themselves trying to get back into their own homes and apartments, after being accidentally locked out.


Slicing open your skin is the least of your worries in such a scenario, as you also run the risk of the glass shards entering your bloodstream, which can be fatal if the glass pieces make it to your heart. Alternatively, even if you manage to stay away from impaling yourself on the glass, a cut that's deep enough can cause you to bleed out. Even if you make it into your home, if you sever an artery, you're going to bleed out, possibly before you get the chance to call for help.


Here, another nightmare scenario; a piece of glass can also get inside your eye. Imagine losing your eyesight forever because you made the ridiculous choice of climbing in through a broken window.

You Will Have to Get a Tetanus Shot

If you are someone who absolutely cannot stand an infection, you may want to steer clear of the thought of ever climbing in through a broken window.


Even if you manage to climb in through the window with minimal scratches and cuts, you run the risk of getting infected by tetanus. Tetanus is a fatal disease that one gets if your skin encounters any bacteria present on the window that you tried to climb in from. There is no cure for tetanus, so you will have to get the shot to prevent the infection in the first place.


If you fail to get the shot, and you get infected with tetanus, it's game over for you.

People Might Mistake You for a Burglar

Even if you are trying to enter your own broken window, to get inside your own home, this may be difficult to explain to a bystander.

Anyone standing close by, seeing you attempt to climb in through a broken window will automatically assume that you are a burglar someone trying to illegally sneak into someone else's home! In fact, they might even call the police on you!


These are just some of the many reasons not to climb through a broken window. What you do with this information is entirely up to you. If you're locked out of your home, the best thing to do is call a family member or your landlord, who might have a spare key. Be sensible. Remember, better safe than sorry!