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Top reasons to have your home windows tinted.

13:00 PM

If you’re looking to upgrade your home, tinting your windows deliver some stand out benefits. You can achieve a whole new, modern look without breaking the bank and get added privacy, thermal comfort, amenity and more.


Here’s a rundown on some of the pluses of home window tinting:


More privacy. If your windows face directly onto a busy street or pedestrian thoroughfare, home window tinting gives you impressive privacy features at a fraction of the cost of replacing old windows or adding expensive window treatments. You can opt for reflective tinting to deliver maximum view and thermal efficiency, so you no longer have to keep the drapes drawn to keep out prying eyes — a great option for bedrooms and bathrooms that are visible to passersby or nearby neighbours.


Looks great. Tinted windows can also add extra value to your home by delivering an upscale, sophisticated look that’s guaranteed to turn heads (without drawing eyes to what’s inside). They look modern and streamlined on all styles of architecture, from contemporary to period homes. while their added privacy and energy efficiency properties can wow potential buyers and add thousands to your asking price when it comes time to sell.


Better security. Adding a tinted safety film to your windows can also keep the glass intact should someone try to break in when you’re not home. And preventing others from seeing into your home will cut down on potential burglaries – there’s no reason to advertise what you have or the exact layout of your home to would-be thieves!


Protecting your precious furnishings. If you have valuable antiques, soft furnishings, fittings and fixtures or artwork, allowing the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays to stream unchecked through a nearby window can play havoc with their longevity. Protect your investments from fading caused by glare – these days you can tint your windows to filter out almost 90% of UV rays.


Save money on energy bills. Traditional windows allow heat to pass straight through and build up in your home. That means residential tinting is a smarter choice as energy costs skyrocket. It prevents up to 30% energy loss through the window on winter days, so you can cut down on your heating bills and, in summer, reflects the heat effectively, so you won’t have to crank up the air conditioner so much. You’ll enjoy a more consistent climate within your house, making it more comfortable whatever the weather.


Save the environment. For the ecologically minded, residential tinting makes perfect sense. It reduces energy usage effortlessly, allows you to reuse your existing windows (so you're not expending resources on buying new), and you'll also get that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you've done your bit to help the environment.


Easier to maintain over the long term. Unlike traditional glass, window tinting can be water and scratch resistant, which makes your windows easier to clean and leaves them looking better for longer.


Talk to us today about home window tinting – we can guide you through the best choices for every room.