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This is why window tinting in important for office buildings

12:05 PM

Psychologists now agree that workplace wellbeing is vital if businesses want to see measurable competitive advantages, higher staff retention and boosted productivity. And a crucial part of guaranteeing worker satisfaction is providing a safe, comfortable workspace that accommodates a range of working styles.


Artificial light has a severe impact on employee mood, triggering depression, eyestrain, headaches and reducing efficiency. Natural light, on the other hand, can increase an individual’s alertness, maintain calm attention and encourage mental health.


While access to natural light is a significant factor in maintaining employee happiness, too much sunlight streaming in can be a bad thing. That’s where office window tinting comes in, creating the perfect lighting conditions for your people to do their best work. The latest window tinting films feature built-in light reflecting and heat absorbing technologies, which work to maximise natural light while improving thermal comfort.


Depending on the level of tint, commercial window tinting can decrease up to eighty-five per cent of the sun's harsh UVA rays (the intense UV that’s responsible for premature ageing and skin cancer), reduce glare by ninety-five per cent and block out almost one hundred per cent of ultraviolet light that can lead to skin and eye problems. Tinting also softens ambient light and reduces glare on screens while balancing out indoor temperatures, so workplaces remain comfortable all year long.


Any addition that helps maintain a consistent internal temperature also saves businesses money. It’s likely commercial window film will engender immediate returns on operating costs as temperature drops of up to fifteen degrees Celsius can decrease air conditioning usage and therefore energy bill expenditure.


Other benefits include increasing privacy in CBD office towers, where windows often overlook other buildings, office workers, workplace gyms, restaurants and hotels. This can be a distraction during the work day, as well as making employees feel as if they’re in a fishbowl environment with every move on show for others to see. There's nothing worse than trying to get a job done and being distracted continuously – with window tinting you or your workers will be less distracted by activities outside their window and can get down to work in peace.


Office window tinting prevents undue fading of commercial fixtures and furnishings, including carpet, blinds, equipment and merchandise. Your investments last longer, which means you won't have to undertake expensive office fit-outs as often and more of your profits can be put towards business growth.


Enhanced safety and security are other advantages – apart from preventing would-be thieves casually casing your business, thicker security film can hold a shattered window in place, deterring entry. In busy workplaces, glass doors can pose a health and safety hazard –security window film may help you avert work accidents and personal injury.


Finally, office window tinting may be one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to make your people happier and protect your business, but it also works beautifies your workplace, too. There’s a wide range of decorative window films to choose from, so you’re sure to find an option that perfectly suits your commercial venture.