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Situations where you will be better off not tinting your windows

14:26 PM

After you've snatched up the keys to your new set of wheels, it all feels fresh and sparkling new. And that could be the most significant appeal. There's a reason you can buy a 'brand new' car freshener at servos, after all.


But after you've frequented the roads enough to get a good feel for your vehicle, there's usually a few bits and pieces you're likely to notice about it. For instance, your windows may be filtering in too much light, proving a tint could have been worth the while.


Why should you get tinting?


There are plenty of motives for why people choose to undergo aftermarket tinting on their car windows. But is there a wrong and right time to take the leap? In this post, we'll be discussing the dos and don'ts of this option, and when it is well worth the while.


Tinting, if often done by the manufacturer, is usually only completed on the rear windows and the top portion of the windscreen to assist in reflecting the sun's glare. This is done by adding dye to the glass, whereas aftermarket alternatives are completed by positioning a film instead. In some cases, you can purchase a DIY kit, but it's best to leave this task to the professionals - like us.


The main positives for getting your windows tinted include privacy. It acts to reduce the ability for people to see inside your vehicle, no matter the environment you're in.


It also reduces the heat within the vehicle by up to 70%, as well as the number of  UV rays that can filter through. Aftermarket window tinting can also stop windows from shattering in an accident. Ultimately, the film prevents shards of glass from shattering inside the vehicle.


Is there ever a time NOT to get window tinting?


If the car is not too old, this optional extra can help protect the interior of your vehicle. However, DIY alternatives aren't always a great selling point, usually resulting in bubbles and making the end-result look less than desirable. In these cases, we recommend not undergoing a tint.


If you do decide to get aftermarket tinting, we always recommend heading to an expert team to get it done.


The bottom line


Generally, window tinting is a plus when it comes to selling your vehicle in the long run. If it's something you're looking into for safety features and preservation, this investment is definitely worth the hard-earned dollars.  There are very few situations when it's not something you should have on your list of priorities - the benefits are wide and many.


Whether it's to enhance privacy or to decrease the amount of light hitting your face as you cruise along, we always recommend adding this nifty innovation to your new car. If you're not sure where to start, we recommend getting in touch with our team to find out more. Give us a call now on 0410 697 087.