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Top Tips on How to Maintain Your Vehicle's Tinted Windows for Longer

09:00 AM

Tinting your car windows is often a wise choice to make, especially if you live in hot countries such as here in Australia. Tinted windows allow your car to remain cool in hot weather, reduces glare and protects the passengers from exposure to harmful UV rays. In addition, they improve the privacy within the car and helps prevent sun damage to the car's upholstery. 


However, window tints don't last forever but with the proper maintenance, they can remain as good as new for a long while. Below we share some top tips on how to maintain your vehicle's tinted windows for longer.

Wait Before You Wash

If you have just recently the window tint on your car, it is best to wait a few days before cleaning them. If you wash your window tints before they have had the time to cure completely, there is a higher risk of the water causing the window tints to lose their hold and cause bubbles and other imperfections to form.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

When washing the tinted sides of the windows avoid making use of abrasive cleaners. The chemicals in them can eat away at the material of the window tint or cause discoloring. Even household cleaning items such as baking soda and vinegar should be avoided when cleaning window tints.  Instead, opt to use water and soap for cleaning these areas.

Make Sure Your Tints Are Completely Dry

Whenever you wash and clean your window tints ensure that they are completely dried out afterward.  Any leftover water residue could potentially cause the tints to lose their hold over the glass surface and peel off.

Use Soft Cloths for Cleaning

When drying or scrubbing your window tints, be sure to use soft microfiber clothing. Using cloths or towels with a rougher surface could cause the tint to peel off, especially if you are rubbing the cloth around the edges. Using soft cloths also prevents the risk of scratches appearing on your window tints.   

Monitor Your Tint for Any Imperfections

Every then and now, observe your window tints for any bubbles, creases or any other imperfection forming. Use a credit card or a squeegee to remove them and even the surface of the affected area.

Concluding Note

With proper care and with following the recommendations we have laid out, your car's window tint is likely to last for the entire duration of your car's service life. Window tints are an affordable way to minimize the effects of hot weather within your car. Just be sure to stay within your local state's tinting laws before applying them to your car windows. 


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