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How to know if your windows have been tinted properly

17:11 PM

It doesn't take long to notice the difference between window tinting done right and when someone's done a dodgy job. Although the effects may not be as noticeable immediately, you will be able to spot deterioration of your tint over time – if someone’s happened to take short cuts.


Most people choose to have their vehicle windows tinted to reduce the harsh effects that the sun has on sensitive skin while driving, among other reasons. Opting for this can also improve the appearance of the car, producing a stylish and sleek appeal. In some cases, the sophisticated look of a new vehicle is enhanced with a darker tint, for added appeal.


But as with anything, you don't want to pay someone for a job that is half done - you expect the task to be done properly the first time around. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and the results of poor tinting will start to become obvious after a few months. What you're left with is a vehicle that’s looking a little shabby and your tint compromised. 


Spotting the signs


Nothing ruins the appeal of a car than a tint job gone wrong. The bubbles, the peeling, the flaking – these are the tell-tale signs of cutting corners.


And while there are so many benefits of having your glass darkened, finding a quality professional can be half the challenge. In essence, tinted windows provide a protective barrier from the sun and its damaging rays. It’s also believed to help delay skin cancers and related issues stemming from harmful UV rays. 


Beyond this, rising outdoor temperatures also have us opting for a tint, more often than not. But how can you spot a poor job done if the signs aren’t immediately obvious?


Firstly, you’re likely to start seeing tint flakes here and there around your interior. From there, it’s often downhill, with bubbling visual effects that look tacky. In worst case scenarios, bypassers can even walk over and start peeling the tint right from the windows.


Beyond this, flaking and bulging can lead to issues with powered windows and their ability to seal effectively. Consistent use of these will cause the tint to chip off and fall inside the window. This often causes a build-up of residue that could consequently alter the performance of these systems overall.  And if you happen to damage the seals of the windows – due to chipping, cracked or splitting tints – you may end up with leaking windows – a hassle you definitely don’t want to deal with.


How to avoid poor application


Knowing whether your windows have been tinted properly can be tough. Usually, signs of poor-quality installation won’t even appear until after a few months. But if you’re after dead giveaways, purple tinges on your windows are an indication that your tint probably has a limited lifespan, due to incorrect application.

In essence, avoiding these instances comes down to ensuring you opt for a reliable, professional installer – like Rays On Tinting. Save yourself the long-term stress and get in touch with our experts now.