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This is why window tinting is not a DIY option

11:43 AM

Whether it be for your car, home or office, nothing looks more sleek and appealing than professionally installed window tinting. These days, it’s uncommon to see vehicles hitting the roads without darker tints, and the reasons are wide and varied. From cutting out 99% of harmful UV rays, through to improving aesthetics – there’s plenty to love about it.


Why get window tinting in the first place?


Less light entering your vehicle means there’s less of a chance that damage can occur to your car’s interior. Usually, fading and chipping can occur if those aggressive rays of sunlight are given the opportunity to get through. Over time, you’ll start to see significant impact popping up to bits and pieces within your vehicle, especially if it's consistently exposed to heat and light.

Window tinting – when installed properly – helps you to avoid all this, combating the rays and acting as a ‘shield’. Additionally, it provides privacy for drivers (or even homeowners) who want to keep those passing by from seeing in.

Feeling inspired to get your hands dirty and take the job on yourself? Hold up – while there’s plenty of YouTube videos that will give you guidance on how to get the task done ‘like a pro’, there’s an endless list of risks you run by avoiding professional services. So, here’s our top reasons for why leaving it to the experts is highly recommended.


Your surroundings matter


To pull the job off properly, you’ll need a dust-free workspace on hand, and absolutely no breeze around. You’ll also require the patience of a saint, as vehicle and home tinting has the propensity to be tricky. Even if you have met that criteria, applying a tint is temperamental, and even the slightest puff of wind – or a robust sneeze – will cause your film to crease. 

In the end, you may end up spending more time going over any errors or inconsistencies, causing extraneous damage that shouldn’t have popped up in the first place. And that’s always a risk worth avoiding.

Cost-savings for the future


The notion of saving money is always appealing, and it’s usually what catches our eye when it comes to DIY. However, getting a tint professionally applied means the right techniques are utilised, preventing wastage and need for re-application in the future.

Your dedicated technician will also be able to provide you with information towards maintaining your tint – which will help you keep it all in top shape. In most cases, you’ll also receive a guarantee on the work completed, so you can enjoy peace of mind that the result will last.


Ready to get started?


If you’re considering either home or vehicle window tinting, we encourage you to get in touch with the experts at Rays on Tinting. We’ll help you find the best solution to suit your needs and offer you the expert advice you require to get started on the right track.