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Yes, get your windows tinted this winter!

09:00 AM

Yes, summer may seem like the obvious option for window tinting. Especially in the Australia climate, where we desperately spend our summers trying to keep our homes cool. Not only does tinting protect you from UV rays and sun damage, but it also helps to keep your place cool.


So yes, summer is a great time to invest in both home/residential window tinting and office window tinting. But, getting tinted windows in preparation for winter can actually be the best time to get your windows tinted.


So, why is winter the perfect time to get tinted windows?


As the mercury drops, we can often find ourselves habitually reaching for the remote control to the heater. And while there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel warm and comfortable, it can wreak havoc on our wallets and our environment.


Especially when you consider the fact that a lot of this heat and energy is lost via our windows. And not just, because someone accidentally left one open. As windows are so exposed to both the inside and outside worlds, a lot of our heating and cooling is lost through them.


This is where tinted windows come in. Not only are tinted windows great at keeping your place cool in the summer, but they are great at keeping it warm in the winter too.




During winter, your tinted windows act as an insulated shield to the colder weather. This makes sure that the energy you use to warm up your house is kept inside your home or office and not escaping through your windows. This leads to a lower need for energy-guzzling heating, as the heat is not escaping.


Plus, the effects can be completely custom. Depending on the level of tint you choose, you can alter the level of insulation (and UV protection) to what you need. Effectively, this means you can choose how much energy will be lost via your windows, and how much will stay within your house. Basically, a higher level (darker shade) of tint, means a higher level of insulation and protection.


So, other than less energy usage, what are the benefits?


As we all know lower energy usage comes with a bunch of positives. With energy prices seemingly always on the rise, getting your windows tinted around winter can take away some of the strain on your heating bill and on our environment.


Not only will tinted windows lower your carbon footprint, but they will also cost you less in energy bills. If that’s not a win-win situation, I don’t know what is.


This is especially great if your home or office has lots of windows. Lots of windows, equals lots of lost heat, making that winter chill-factor that much stronger.


In short, if you like to be warm in winter, or cool in summer, or pay less on bills or lower your carbon footprint, tinted windows are the perfect option for you.


So, as you begin to turn the heater up as the temperatures go down, consider getting your windows tinted to keep those heating costs low.